Villa di Massenzio

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During the 20th century, the various administrative bodies concerned were keenly aware that more needed to be done to safeguard the monuments along the via Appia Antica and the exceptional landscape in which they were set and it was in 1926 in fact, that the Villa Maxentius complex was incorporated into the action plan being overseen by Rome City Council and the Ministry for State Education.

It was Prince Giovanni Torlonia who showed his support to the plans to tackle the condition of the via Appia Antica by giving Nibby the go-ahead (1825) for his scheme to systematically excavate the Villa Maxentius area. Most of the many works of art uncovered during that period ended up in the private collection at the Borgo Palace.

After 20 years the Mausoleo di Romolo reopens for the public and can be now visited without reservation.


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Villa di Massenzio
Abside Aula Palatina del Palazzo di Massenzio
Resti della torre sinistra presso i 'carceres' del Circo
Resti della Torre presso i 'carceres' del Circo
Villa di Massenzio
Villa di Massenzio

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